5 Things Noone Tells You About Buying Your First Home

First time homebuyers, this one is for you!
Here are 5 things you SHOULD know but that no one tells you about buying your first home 👇🏼

  1. School districts matter, even if you don't have kids or don't plan on ever having kids. Buying a house in a good school district can help increase your home's value over time and will give you a leg up if you ever decide to sell.

  2. Shop lenders to get the best deal possible on a mortgage. Shopping around for a mortgage can save you several thousand dollars over the lifetime of the loan.

  3. It will probably take a few months to settle in and feel at home! Unpacking takes forever, you'll probably have to rearrange your furniture a few times to find the perfect furniture layout, and you might feel a little overwhelmed and unorganized at first. Give it time!

  4. Your home inspection WILL find problems, no matter what. There's no such thing as the perfect house. Depending on the issues your home inspection comes back with, you'll need to either negotiate with the seller, pay for repairs out of pocket, or, if the home only has minor issues, just let it be and tackle the problems later.

  5. You don't have to spend as much as you're pre-approved for. You shouldn't have to stretch your budget to afford your mortgage payment! When deciding on your home buying price range, figure out how much you can comfortably afford to spend monthly on a mortgage, rather than spending every dollar of your maximum loan amount. Keep in mind that, as a homeowner, it's also wise to set aside some money for repairs and unexpected problems.

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